For Sale

For Sale – 8 String student bouzouki (January 2012)

A basic student bouzouki is now available for sale. It has great sound and plays well. Please contact us for further details if you are interested.

Unlike the other bouzoukis made by Kioulos, this bouzouki was imported from Greece and was reworked by Kioulos to give it a better sound.

A novice playing the popular Greek song “Fragosyriani”
Download video sample (4.62 MB) Right click and save target as…

For Sale – 8 String black bouzouki (February 2012) SOLD !!

A unique professional black bouzouki with lots of character. Check it out from the following youtube video demonstrations.

For Sale – 8 String bouzouki (July 2011)  SOLD !!

8 string bouzouki completed by Babis Kioulos in July 2011 is available for sale. The bowl (skafos) is from karydia wood, and the maniki from brazilian polisandros and 65 year old Idris. The fretboard (tastiera) is Evenos, and the bowl (kapaki) from Sitka Spruce (from Alaska).
The inlays are wooden, with Shaller tuners (kleidia). The sound is great (messeo basso with skasta prima). Contact Babis for more info.

Watch some videos on YouTube:

Photo Gallery for Bouzouki #26

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